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We aim to build a bridge that enables people to learn and share

Based in Berlin, guamayu is a queer family run business created by the couple Elliot (he/him) and Ruben (he/him) Silva in 2021.

Our mission is to elevate global awareness and joyfulness through making it easy and fun to empower each other. Sharing knowledge in a playful way and donating to non-profit organisations in Guatemala, we aim to build a brand that takes advantage of the possibility to influence their consumers and motivates them to give back some of the resources they consume to others.

Our Values


We acknowledge our privilege and believe in sharing, caring and empowering one another. We produce products in Guatemala and donate to partner organisations for positive impact. Learn more about our impact here.


We design our products and choose our materials and services consciously, are transparent about our supply chain and use sustainable packaging and shipment providers. Learn more about our materials and services here


We work closely with illustrators and artists for the design of our products and our network of family and friends in Guatemala to create our vision. We also build partnerships with non-profit organisations in Guatemala to achieve our impact goals. Learn more about our collaborations here.

Our Goals


Our goal is to empower people to improve their lives and the ones around them. We want to achieve this by creating awareness for difficult situations through our playful illustrations and by supporting organisations in Guatemala that work for making these circumstances substantially better.


Some of the topics we tackle can be quite haunting and heavy-hearted. We want to create awareness while not getting trapped in negative emotions. Therefore, we offer an antipole to the serious content with our colourful, cheerful and light-hearted illustrations.


We believe in total equality of all genders and all possibilities besides a binary world. That’s why you won‘t find any gendered clothing or wording in our store. Our goal is to acknowledge non-binary individuals and to improve the situation for marginalised groups.


The world is a diverse place characterised by many colours, shapes and spirits. We celebrate diversity and aim to foster inclusion of all people in our brand through our products, communication and donations. Our goal is to increase visibility for underrepresented groups.


We are aware of our impact on the environment and the journey required to minimize our footprint. As of today, we are using recycled yarn in our fabrics and plan on expanding to organic fibers in the near future. We also use sustainable packaging, green shipping and reusable bags.

Our Journey

Our journey to achieve these goals has just begun and we acknowledge that we are still in the process of bringing some life to all aspects. But we have a lot of ideas on how to approach them. Stay tuned!