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Working together for the better

Collaborations open the possibility to achieve amazing things you wouldn't accomplish working on your own. And the outcomes will get even more exciting when you don‘t care who gets the credit.

Therefore, we want to share our collaborative process and introduce you to some of the great teams and organisations we are already working with:

Illustrators & Artists

Co-creative design process

Our collaborative process starts with the design of each collection that is initially limited to one challenging topic in Guatemala. In participation with the illustrators, the topic is explained, critically analysed and illustrated in visual form. 

For our first collection we collaborated with studio nunc, a Berlin based design studio (where Elliot is also a partner and designer).

The illustrations of our introductory collection were mainly created by Jonas and Max. Jonas is passionate about shapes and colours, creating expressive illustrations that combine inclusivity and diversity. Max is very detail oriented, brings a lot of fun to his illustrations and is socially committed to the core.

Learn more about studio nunc here.


Guatemalan production

Our products are developed and produced in Guatemala to support the local economy. Since our company is based in Berlin, we rely on all of the amazing people in Guatemala taking care of our development process and production campaigns.

Elliots parents have extensive backgrounds within the Guatemalan fashion industry and are eager to help us accomplishing our vision.

Lily is a clothing technician and pattern maker and can look back on many years of professional experience within the Guatemalan clothing industry supervising production processes and working as a technical designer. She is responsible for the development of guamayus visions and the transfer of its designs to the producing manufacturer.

Juan Fernando is an industrial engineer and has a lot of experience within the Guatemalan clothing industry working as a production manager in various factories. Juan takes care of the management of guamayus entire production process, quality assurance and export to Berlin.

The more, the merrier

Do you want to be part of this project or collaborate with us?
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