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We partner with non-profit organisations in Guatemala for sustainable impact

Our main goal is to support projects of non-profit organisations that have a palpable impact. That's why we think it’s important to build direct partnerships with small and healthy organisations in Guatemala that are transparent and open to personal exchange about the actual development of the projects we donate to.


10% of every purchase

With our donation structure based on turnover (and not profit), we assure every customer that by purchasing our products, a specific amount of that purchase goes directly to a good cause. This is inline with our values of transparency and solidarity.

MAIA Impact

For our first collection, we collaborate with MAIA, a non-profit organisation founded 2017 in Guatemala.

MAIA was created with a focus on the younger generation of women born into a combination of four different levels of discrimination: poverty, gender, race and habitat. Their core mission is to lift women out of these limiting factors. 

Through their MAIA Impact School, family engagement, systemic change and a COVID-response plan, MAIA's impact has reached more than 450 young women in the rural areas of Sololá, Guatemala.