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Materials & Services

We are aware of our impact and transparent about it

As an emerging label within the slow fashion industry, we know about our responsibility to minimize our negative impact on the environment. We are also aware of our limitations and that this process has just started for us.

We want to be fully transparent about this and share every aspect of our supply chain, from sourcing to shipping.


Our products are primarily made from regular cotton and recycled polyester. We originally intended to use organic cotton. Unfortunately, it was quite a challenge to find a factory in Guatemala working small batches with organic cotton. At the end we had to compromise and work with the materials the factories are using for other brands already.

We chose the most sustainable option, which is cotton and recycled polyester. We know this is not the best solution, but we are just at the beginning of our journey and we plan to switch to organic cotton as soon as our order quantities are high enough to purchase our own cotton for production.


We currently produce our garments with NG Textiles and Zigatex, two small factories managed by Guatemalan people located in the greater capital area of Guatemala City.

Our t-shirts are manufactured by NG Textiles, a very modern and small factory just recently established in Guatemala. They brand themselves as the factory of the future, with technology up to date and and a very open and welcoming working environment. Through our visit, they made a very transparent impression by showing us every angle of the manufacturing side we wanted to see. All workers we spoke to were friendly and open-minded. Get some insights from NG Textiles by visiting their facebook or instagram profile. 

Our socks are made by Zigatex, a small family owned business producing socks for over 25 years. Like guamayu, they care about their community and value every member of it. Zigatex believes that families play a vital role within every society. Therefore, their value system is build around family relationships. Through our visit, they made a very friendly and cooperative impression and we valued their modern facilities. Learn more about Zigatex by visiting their website, facebook or instagram profile.


Why we produce in Guatemala

One of our impact goals is the promotion and creation of jobs within the formal job sector in Guatemala, since informality is one of the reasons for high poverty rates. Therefore, we decided to manufacture our first products in Guatemala.

However, this decision has some implications for the environment (difficult sourcing of sustainable raw materials and higher emissions for transportation) that we intend to compensate.


Our printed products and information materials are made by the German company Umweltdruckerei. The printing firm follows a holistic sustainability approach with the highest industry standards: certified recycling paper, organic plant-based inks and renewable energy sources. Umweltdruckerei follows the principle of prevention before reduction before compensation and extends sustainability to all other aspects of their business.

Learn more about their principles here.


We package and ship small orders with noissue products. From minimum quantities to compostable tints, these products fit our goals of sustainability directly on the head. Our wrapping paper, stickers and mailers are therefor 100% circular, made from recycled materials and can be composted or recycled after use. In addition, for every order, they plant trees in areas of high demand for reforestation. 

Read more about the noissue products here.


We deliver your order with the reusable packaging made by RePack and the environment loves this! Their bags are sustainably produced from recycled polypropylene made from post-consumer waste. After receiving your order, you simply fold the bag and send it back to RePack free of charge. They clean it and reuse it. 

This system saves up to 80% carbon dioxide after 20 shipping cycles and removes tons of packaging trash. Read more about their impact here.


Our products are shipped with DHL GoGreen, one of the most sustainable suppliers available for deliveries within Europe. Their mission is to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050. Until then, they commit to an eco-friendly 100% climate-neutral transport following the concept of compensation. We know, that isn’t perfect. But it’s a beginning!

Additionally, they have launched a Germany-wide sustainability offensive to raise awareness and invest in sustainability projects around the world. Learn more about their principles and projects here.